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What we do

MADEgram's goal is to dramatically improve the quality of life for Bangladesh garment factory workers. These people go to the big cities to improve their own lives and the lives of their families. They want exactly what you and I want.  

To make a difference now requires people power, where people like you and me take on these garment workers as part of our global family, to help make their dreams come true. They have sat at their sewing machines, making the clothes we wear. They have touched our lives in doing this, now we can touch theirs.

One extra dollar can ensure that the people who make your clothes live and work a dignified life. And it allows you to contribute to that life.


  • Annual Donation

    MADEgram invites 'set and forget' annual donations. Just nominate how much you would like to contribute every year below (up to $10 per year). This value could reflect you as a single person, or perhaps the number of people in your family.

    If every individual donated $1 per year, just imagine the difference we can all make.

    MADEgram Annual Donation

  • Regular Donation

    Donate $1 for each garment you buy which has been made in an emerging economy.

    This option also has a monthly 'set and forget' option, where you can contribute a monthly payment of your choice. These options are perfect for those that want donations to reflect $1 extra for each garment purchased.

    Donations made through PayPal will be directed to

  • No PayPal?

    No problem, you can still make regular donations using your credit card securely via PayPal's Gateway.

    Click the Donate button below. For mobile select "Pay with Card" for desktop/laptop navigate to the "Don't have a PayPal account?" section, then select "Continue" as shown in image below.

About madegram 

Alysha Harkins is the project manager and face of madegram. She has a strong interest in social justice and sustainable community development. She has Graduate Diploma in International Health from Curtin University, a field that examines the social and cultural issues that impact on the health and well-being of people and communities worldwide . To this end she has also travelled extensively including to India, Sri Lanka, China and South-East Asia, lived in a small village in Ghana with the local community for 3 months, and spent 18 months teaching English as a Second Language in Barcelona. Alysha strives to live consciously. She believes in the power of the individual. That the effects of people's choices everyday have the power to influence the lives of others, even if they are on the other side of this beautiful globe.

Paramount College 

madegram is the conceptual brain child of Gilliane Burford, the founder of Paramount College of Natural Medicine. Gilliane has a passion for genuinely making a difference, which has been fundamental to the growth of Paramount College, which opened in 2003, and now delivers accredited Australian qualifications in natural medicine, in both vocational and higher education. She also spearheaded accreditation of the first three year degree in Australia in Naturopathy and the first undergraduate degree in Mind Body Medicine in the world.

Gilliane is a powerful and creative influencer, who is excited to bring the support of the college to this powerful project, as a moral obligation of the western world, to nurture people and foster development of emerging communities